Travel Eaze has provided successful, exciting travel itineraries for 18 years. Our clients continue to support us through return travel, referrals, and testimonies. Here are just a few of their praises...

Motown was a 2 hour musical ride that you did want to stop. It was history with a kick, jump and twist. It took you back to a sound that is just as fresh now as it was decades ago TRAVEL EAZE has held true to their vision of quality, comfort and the art of being innovative.
Marilyn Whitney ~ Memphis, TN

TRAVEL EAZE has held true to their vision of quality, comfort and the art of being innovative.
Dr. Frank Anthony Thomas ~ Indianapolis, IN

Greece was God’s blessing to “All” of us; a trip of a life time. It was a supreme gift to walk in the footsteps of the Apostle Paul, to have communion on the island of Patmos, to learn more about the bible and my sojourners. Our guide was magnificent, preparing our way as only she could.
Dr. Antronette McKenzie ~ Olive Branch, MS

Greece was awesome! Spiritual, inspiring and humbling! I gained a greater appreciation and understanding of the early church’s commitment to the gospel. This is a “must go” trip for every Christian.
Bettye Boone ~ Memphis, TN

I can truly say that I worshiped on the isle of Patmos. I put my feet in the river at the Baptistery of Lydia; saw the places where Paul taught and the Cistern where he was jailed. I visited the ancient Biblical cities. As I read in the Bible I have a visual aid in my mind’s eye; I was there. I was blessed to see the sights and walk the path.
Mary Toney ~ West Memphis, AR

Working with TREAVEL EAZE on a scale of 1 to 10 they were off the chart Ms. Gipson is a professional and a Christian and that really shines through. She believes in giving her clients value, top of the line experiences and quality.
Pastor Keith Norman of First Baptist Church ~ Memphis, TN

He was well pleased with his South Africa Mission Trips we have coordinated for him the past two years.
Dr. Stacy Spencer of New Direction

“If you want to travel with great people to great places at great prices with NO stress, then TRAVELEAZE is the way to go”.
Edith Kelly Green ~ Memphis, TN

A ”TRAVEL EAZE” Punta Cana Experience! If you’re looking for a travel agent that is understanding to your needs; enthusiastic, patient, professional. TRAVEL EAZE is the way to go! Words cannot describe the experiences the Smith Group has shared with TRAVEL EAZE since 2006.
Tara Smith ~ Memphis, TN

This trip was filled with history, beauty, excellent food, and entertainment. I enjoyed everything and hopefully I’ll travel with you again.
Dorris Minor
South Africa - 3/16/2020

Thank you for a wonderful trip. We will always have pleasant memories. We are so grateful for your leadership. Please find a token of our appreciation.
Dorris Minor
The Hillside Chapel ~ Atlanta, GA
South Africa - 3/16/20

TRAVEL EAZE provided superior travel service to the BOLD BROTHERS and SISTERS Group. They did an amazing job planning and coordinating and delivery of events.
Pastor Marvin Mims
South Africa - 4/16/19