What are your COVID-19 protocols for safe traveling?
Safety of our clients is first and foremost. We follow the CDC guidelines, along with airlines, hotels, and travel industry guidelines to ensure the safest travel. This includes measures such as masking, hand sanitizer, temperature checks, and more.

Will I need a Covid vaccine to travel?
At present, no. We do not know what future requirements will be required. It would be comforting to know everyone on a plane or within your group has been vaccinated.

If I am unable to begin or complete my travel, what are my refund options?
Travel insurance is an investment against unexpected situations before and during your travels? Without travel insurance you accept the responsible for any issue that should affect your travel before or during your travel experience. 

What does the insurance optional purchase "Cancel for any reason" mean?
Within a time frame, you can cancel for any reason and receive a refund.

Do I have to take Group Travel Insurance?
No, you do not have to take the insurance offered. You may obtain your own. Understand, if anything should happen traveling uninsured, you are on your own.

Can I obtain my own air travel?
Yes, if air is included in the package, the cost will deducted. You will be given the arrival itinerary to connect with the group for transfer services.

Does TRAVEL EAZE refund monies?
No, there are no refunds through TRAVEL EAZE. Payments received by TRAVEL EAZE is forwarded to vendors to meet the contractual commitments of your itinerary. TRAVEL EAZE does not retain your deposit or payments.

What is a Supplemental Charge?
An additional fee for single travelers

Are the group excursions private or do we join others?
Land excursions are private; cruise excursions are open to all passengers.

Why is there a 3% credit card surcharge?
TRAVEL EAZE is charged 3% for accepting credit cards. We pass this fee on to the client using their card.

Will we have English speaking guides?
All our excursions are with English speaking guides.